Landscapes Gallery

Although the thought often is that landscapes are simply "there," and all one has to do is snap them, nothing is further from the truth. A worthy landscape has merit because it captures some emotional or esthetic element of the scene. The best landscapes also have a purpose and a message and an intrinsic fit in their time and place.

I would not by any means suggest that all my landscapes reach that level of execution but I hope some do. A good landscape is not simply a pretty picture. I don't mind a pretty picture at all but I try to go beyond that.

Most of the images in this gallery are here because they have been published, exhibited, won or placed in competitions, been used in advertising, were sold to collectors, or have been licensed.

All the images in this gallery are copyrighted by Jon Meyer © and all rights are reserved. Please contact me through the link on this website about licensing images or about custom prints. I will be happy to discuss options and materials with you.