Two Rivers and the Hand of Man is a gallery devoted to Jordan Lake. The Army Corps of Engineers built a dam near the confluence of the New Hope and the Haw Rivers forming the Lake. Of the two rivers, the contribution of the Haw to the Lake is minimal; it flows in and out very quickly. The New Hope, on the other hand, is virtually subsumed in the body of the Lake and not longer has an identity as a river. One can trace the Haw many miles upstream from the dam and below the dam until it joins with the Deep River. About all that is left of the New Hope River is New Hope Creek extending into Orange County.

This gallery, however, is not about history or geography but about the personality of Jordan Lake: its moods, its ebb and flood, its majesty and its hidden little places, and the life in, on, and around it.

All of these images are available in fine art prints. Some are available for licensing.