In the Mind's Eye: a Gallery with a Series of Images in Album Format 

As a psychoanalyst/photographer I have an interest in the inner landscape of the mind. This portfolio of fifteen images attempts to depict and be faithful to the psychoanalysis of a woman who struggles with two cultural and internal themes: (1) woman as Eve whose wish for knowledge and independence disobeyed God's command, caused her downfall and Adam's, ravaged her with guilt and shame, and led to expulsion from the Garden and the loss of Heaven on Earth and (2) woman as in #MeToo, rejecting shame and guilt, repudiating fault, claiming the right to self-assertion, and embracing independence and knowledge.

A woman as Eve is not in the female DNA but is an ancient cultural heritage. A different cultural heritage is just beginning to form. In my experience, the ancient heritage exists in even the most accomplished woman as does the struggle against it.

This gallery depicts the psychoanalytic inner work directed toward reconciling and coming to peace with those conflicting views. For a more detailed discussion, I refer you to the artist's statement that begins the gallery.

Because I was creating an album I have printed the images on A3 size paper (11.69 x 16.53 inches) which fits a standard album. Because of formatting for an album, the title and signature are below the image and the image is slight skewed to the right on the paper to allow for the binding on the left. All images, however, as in the previous gallery, can be printed as straight prints on many sizes of paper, centered, and hand signed and numbered.

All images are copyrighted by Jon Meyer © and all rights are reserved. I do not license images from this gallery but please contact me through the link on this website about purchasing custom prints. I will be happy to discuss options and materials with you.