Inner Darkness: As a psychoanalyst I have for many years explored the mind's inner landscapes. Some of them are relatively sunny explorations as in my series, "In the Mind's Eye," also on this website. Some are dark; this is an exploration of a dark inner landscape. We all have our ghosts. Some are friendly and easy to live with. Others are restless, angry and vindictive. They did not necessarily start that way but become so because they have been ignored, neglected, and buried. Such shunned ghosts cannot rest and demand a reckoning. This is a story of one of those depressed and painful reckonings. Please see the artist's statement at the beginning of the gallery for a more in depth discussion of what I am trying to visually render.

There are two versions of this gallery. The first is as stand-alone images. The second is of images framed by a title, a subheading, and what I thought was a revealing quote from T. S. Eliot's work, EAST COKER. See which of the two presentations you feel best conveys the land of the spirits.

All images are copyrighted by Jon Meyer. I do not license images from this gallery but if you are interested in having me do a fine art print for you, please contact me at the "contact me" page in the website.

This series received an Honorable Mention in the 16th Annual Pollux Awards (2021) as a series in the Open Theme Category. This series was awarded a Spotlight Award in BLACK & WHITE MAGAZINE, Issue 155, October 2022, pp. 108-111. The link to the portfolio on the magazine's website is as follows:

All images in this gallery are copyrighted by Jon Meyer © and all rights are reserved. I do not license these images but prints are available. If you are interested in a print, please contact me through the Contact Me link on this website.