Conceptual Gallery

The images in this gallery are an attempt to explore the inner landscape of the mind. The most clear cut examples of that inner landscape are found in fantasies and in dreams. Dreams were called by Freud "…the royal road to the unconscious…" but fantasies may serve that function as well.

As you know, that theme was apparent, and most highly developed, in my "In the Mind's Eye" gallery but is true of some of these images as well. This gallery, however, is more mixed and some images are not only products of the imagination but also an attempt to tell an unabashed human story. That story runs from being homeless in Paris to being bothered by gulls at the beach and everything in between.

All images in this gallery are copyrighted by Jon Meyer © except as otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved. Please contact me about licensing images or about individual, custom prints. I will be happy to discuss options and materials.